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What is Green Apple Barter?

Green Apple acts as a third party record keeper who will introduce you to buyers and sellers who work on a barter basis. When you make a sale your account will be credited in trade credits with the sale price and the buyers account will be debited. You may then spend the credits with other clients in the network. Credits are liquid throughout the network.

The key to successful bartering is your contact with your trade broker. They will keep you informed as to available product, services, buyers and sellers.

We are not limited geographically or by category.


Our Business

Green Apple Barter Services is a network of thousands of local businesses who trade their products and services instead of spending cash. When a business sells something, they get $1 in trade credit for every $1 in cash they would normally earn. That trade can then be used anywhere in the network, not just with the business that bought something from you. Businesses in the network include colleges, restaurants, hotels, marketing companies, roofers, HVAC & plumbers, automotive sales & service centers, painters, retailers, business services, professional sports teams, advertising, professional services, and much more.

What We Do

Green Apple sales brokers work on straight commission to bring new business to you. We’ll find you new customers to fill the free time on your service schedule, sit at the empty tables in your restaurant, or purchase the excess inventory in your store. After we’ve helped you build up a trade balance, let us know what you’re looking to purchase! We’ll provide you with the contact information for a business in the network who can get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Exemplary Examples


A multi-location storage facility purchased over $189,000 of roofing from new business sent to them by Green Apple.


In one year, an all-inclusive resort earned nearly $1million of new business sent to them from Green Apple, which they were able to use to purchase national advertising.


A business owner who owns a health spa and a condo in Florida was able to purchase a Tesla from another business owner using Green Apple credit.

Luxury Suites

Last year, several Green Apple participants were able to purchase luxury suites during professional hockey, football, and baseball games.

All-Inclusive Vacations

The owner of a magazine was able to take his entire family to an all-inclusive resort which he paid for with new customers that Green Apple sent to him.

College Tuition

The owner of a business systems company sent his daughter to a 4 year college by using his Green Apple credit.

Green Apple Testimonial, Joe Jackson, Advanced Commercial Roofing


Green Apple Testimonial, Steve Mitnick, President STORExpress


Green Apple Testimonial, Nick Bogacz, Owner Caliente Pizza & Draft House


Bringing You New Business

Green Apple brokers are always in touch with their clients to know when they want more business or are looking for something to buy. When a new company joins the network, the brokers inform their clients by calling them on the phone, sending out email blasts, mailing out professionally designed informational mailers, hosting networking events, and having an annual Trade Show. Green Apple participants also have access to the UCC, a national group of trade networks across the United States. Your products and services, when appropriate for a national audience, can be advertised across the country to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers, and you will have access to purchase things available nationally, like hotels and restaurants to visit for your next vacation.

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