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Access the Green Apple network from
your own personal device!

The Green Apple app is designed to allow participants to enter their own trade transactions, view their account balance, and complete gift card transactions without having to fill out a paper trade draft or call the Green Apple office to report a sale. Now, simply log into the app, fill out the required information, and get an authorization number!

Check out the steps below to get started!

Or click here to view the web app FAQs.

Step 1

Download the app to your personal device from the Apple store or Google Play, or access the app from any computer at

Step 2

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Create an app account by clicking “Register a new membership.”

Step 3

Select the correct account type.

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Gift Card Holder refers to someone who has received Green Apple funds from someone else, and wants to spend them.

Green Apple Account Holder refers to a business owner who has a Green Apple account.

Employee refers to an employee of a business owner who has a Green Apple account.

Broker refers to a Green Apple broker.

Step 4

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Fill out the required information accurately, including the email address associated with your Green Apple account, if applicable.

Step 5

Click Register.

Step 6

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Check your email that you registered with for a verification email called “Registration Notification”. Click Activate Account.

Step 7

Return to the app, and enter in your email and password to log in.

Step 8

If using a mobile device, be sure to allow push notifications, so we can notify you when a sale or purchase has been posted to your account.

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Web App FAQs

 Employees must be invited to create an app account by their owner. As an account holder, go to the Employees tab on your app, and invite an employee by adding their address. You can manage whether or not your employees are able to make purchases through your account on the same tab.

At this time, Employees who have registered their email address with the app as an Employee will have to use another email address to register as a Gift Card Holder.

First, call your broker. They may be able to resolve the issue for you over the phone. If you can’t get a hold of your broker, the buyer will have to pay cash to the seller unless the issue can be resolved at a later time.

Call your broker. Any changes to transactions made in the app must happen via the Green Apple office.

Instead of the paper trade drafts, you should have buyers sign any normal paperwork, receipts, invoices, etc.  like you would have your cash customers do. Make a note on your paperwork that the payment was Green Apple trade for your records. If needed, you can still write the authorization number on your receipts, but it will be stored in your app as well for easy access.

 A business listed under “Accepted Places” is a business that would accept Green Apple trade for payment. Be sure to check the list frequently, as it will change without notice. It is a good idea to call ahead or call your broker prior to visiting the business to verify that they are accepting Green Apple trade.