Even diluted it is the most powerful odor destroyer, ever.

ODOR-X is a proprietary mixture of high foaming surfactants, d-limonene, chelating agents, odor absorbing compounds and quaternary disinfectants.

Use ODOR-X for:

• Dumpster odor control
• Drain odor control
• Multi surface cleaner and disinfectant

Suitable for AMINE, SULFIDE, THIO, and MERCAPTAN based odors

How does ODOR-X work?

It attacks odors through four synergistic pathways:

1. Our QUAT disinfectant formula will attack odors at their biological source!
2. Covalent bonding with odor causing molecules.
4. A fresh CITRUS FRAGRANCE provides immediate relief!

$30- 1 gallon
$90 – 5 gallon
$500 – 30 gallon
$880 – $55 gallon
To order, email dana@greenapplebarter.com