Macarons (All are gluten free!):

   Sleeve of  6:   $15

   Sleeve of 12 : $29.50

macarons flavors:  Mojito, bailey’s, violet cassis, mango, bubble gum, matcha tea, steeleron (belgian chocolate but in black & gold), raspberry, basil white chocolat, columbian coffee, salted caramel, belgian chocolate, lemon, rose, ginger bread, strawberry key lime, lavender white chocolate, mint white chocolate, coconut, chocolate praline, sicilian pistachio, madagascar black vanilla, pumpkin
  Favor box of 1: $3.50
  Favor box of 2: $6.75
  Favor box of 4: $11.00

The Macaron Tower has 10 tiers, but you can put as many or little as you want on them. 50-100 macarons is $2.20 each, 100-150 is $2.10 each, 150 or more is $2.00 each.  There is a $60 deposit on the towers as they need to be returned.

5 flavors… chocolate, vanilla, coffee, caramel, lemon $3.85


Macaron Cake Rose Lychee- $48
Chocolate Raspberry Macaron Cake- $48
Alcazar Cake- $48

Other Pastries:

Napoleon $6.95 (wafer cream puff slice)
The tarts (mini pies )Meringue and Chocolate-Coconut $6.35
 Orders can be picked up at Le Macaron Kiosk –  Located inside Robinson Mall between JCPenney and Starbucks.
Taxes due at the time of pick up. Keep Refrigerated.  We need to know when you want to pick up the orders so they are prepared offsite.
For an order form, contact Patience at