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Green Apple Barter is a straight commission sales & marketing force that brings new business to your company. If you have products you need to sell, available time to schedule a new client, or the capacity to handle more business, a partnership with one of the nation’s strongest barter networks is long overdue.

When a broker brings you a new customer and you make a sale, you earn trade credits ($1 cash = $1 trade credit) that you can use in the network with any other Green Apple participant. Your broker will work closely with you to help you spend those credits on things you need, like advertising, all-inclusive vacations, or employee health benefits (just to name a few).

Green Apple manages over 55 million dollars in transactions on a yearly basis with over 3,000 local and national companies who participate. National access to products and services are available based upon our partnership with the UCC (Universal Currency Clearinghouse).

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Green Apple 2017 #1 Top UCC Trader for 2017

In 2017, Green Apple was named the #1 UCC Trader for having the highest volume of trade in the country. Our brokers are the best in the business at getting large sales for our clients and helping them to spend the credits they earn.

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We work primarily on a commission basis. A 6% cash fee is charged to your account with each purchase and sale you make. There is a one time start-up fee of $400 (half cash-half trade) and a nominal monthly service charge of $40 (half cash-half trade).

There is no length of contract as a Green Apple participant. You can cancel your contract at any time.

There is no list of active Green Apple participants. Green Apple is the most dynamic barter network in the country, and we are constantly signing up new participants. Companies in the network trade within their comfort level, so they may not be open at all times for jobs of any scale. Your broker is the key to finding out what’s available in the network at any time. By letting them know what you’re looking for, they will be able to get you in touch with someone who can do or provide exactly what you need. This helps prevent the headache of you having to call several places to find someone in your area or with the expertise needed for your project.

In most cases, it is not acceptable for a Green Apple participant to ask for cash. Occasionally, businesses may require a small percentage of cash to cover large material costs or custom-made products. All trades with cash components must be approved by a broker prior to starting work or production. Asking for cash without broker approval is grounds for contract termination.

Taxing authorities consider a barter or trade transaction to be a taxable event. Trading offers no tax advantages or disadvantages. It is treated as a cash sale or purchase. Sales tax must be paid in cash. Green Apple reports all trade sales to the IRS on Form 1099B. Bartering is not a way to avoid tax obligations.